Friday, 3 February 2017

Viewing Suggestions for a Cold Weekend

Pre-Super Bowl

A little television might be in order on this cold, February weekend. Here’s a few suggestions for viewing on Netflix.

“The OA” on Netflix
OA stands for original angel so you know the mystical plays a part in the story. It begins with the return of a young woman after some years of disappearance. Not only is her return amazing but she’s regained the eyesight lost as a young girl. The rest of the episodes provide the reveal which includes a hostage taking, a Russian childhood and a troubled parentage. Definitely one that’ll keep you going.

Sing Street

A teenage boy is forced to change schools when his parents can no longer afford the tuition for his private one. Now, he’s forced to fit in with an entirely different kind of kid which includes the predicted confrontation with a bully. After school, he spies a beautiful damsel seated on the steps of a row house across the street. He’s completely love-struck but how to win her over? After all, he’s a dweeb and her boyfriend owns a car. He and his new friend arrive at a solution. Form a band. The formula’s a little worn however, in this movie, feels fresh and alive. “Sing Street” was nominated for Best Musical or Comedy at the  Golden Globes this year which was won by another musical, “La La Land" since nominated for 16 Academy Awards.  

“Green Room” on Netflix

 “Green Room” begins with a grunge band seeking gigs to play for money. An acquaintance in Portland suggests a bar located in the bush somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. They’re hired by the Nazi skinheads which can't be good. After their set, one of the band members witnesses a murder and the Nazis are moved to “contain.” In the green room, of course, that room where artists primp and prep and wait before going on stage. This is edge of your seat stuff but definitely not for the faint of heart.

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